A thousand words with the man who takes pictures. 

Meet Max Papendieck.

Former model turned photographer. He shoots high-end fashion campaigns and supermodels such as Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima and Jesinta Campbell. He is a photographic genius with a structural and defined eye. He captures the beauty that surrounds him. His photos are magnetic. 

Max has been kind enough to answer some pretty juicy questions we asked him last week (you’re welcome). 

How many photos do you take to get one good one?

Just one (wink emoticon). 

Why did you leave modelling to become a photographer? Do you think that being on the other side of the lens helped you transition into photography?

To be honest I never really enjoyed modelling. To me it's much more satisfying to take a picture of someone than to get my photo taken. Yes, it definitely helped me! I was able to financially support myself while I assisted other photographers to learn. I also understand what the model is going through, so I always put an emphasis on the model and team being comfortable on set. 

How did you ‘find’/develop your photographic aesthetic? Who/what inspired your aesthetic/photographic style?

I was lucky enough to work for some of the best photographers in the world who would teach me the technical side of things. Each one of these photographers had a different aesthetic. Yes these photographers influenced my style but the way I developed my own aesthetic was to shoot and shoot and shoot. I'd also go over photo books and magazines. Being in the industry you get exposed to many different images everyday and you develop an eye for what you think looks good. In saying that, I'm forever wanting to learn more and improve my work.


What advice do you have for upcoming photographers?

Keep learning and always try to push the limits. Have faith in your work! If you like the picture you took, then own it and be proud of it. 

Do you see everything as a photo opportunity?

There is s a time and place to take pictures. I always make sure I respect peoples privacy and downtime.. In saying that some of my favourites photos have been unexpected moments. 

Who's been your favourite celeb/model to shoot?

My Mum. 

You obviously work in NYC a lot shooting international models, and I noticed you recently shot our very own Aussie glamour Jesinta Campbell. What was that like?

Jesinta is a true professional and a great person. I think she would be successful in any city, including NYC. I very much enjoyed working with her!"


How did you become such a successful photographer? How did you get your work/name out there?

Like I said earlier I got to work with some of the best photographers in the world which gave me the technical skills I needed. This allowed me to shoot some of the best models in the world.. which then exposed me to some of the best clients in the world. Other than that I really think luck had a lot to do with it! 

How do you get people to loosen up in front of the camera and feel comfortable around you?

I typically work with professional models so it is pretty rare that a subject is nervous in front of the camera. It does happen though, and sometimes it means you need to ask some of the team to leave the set for a bit to take the pressure off the talent. 

It's good to speak to them also.. Whenever I get nervous or anxious about a shoot I tell myself that 'We're not curing cancer, we're taking pictures".. so if I can translate to the subject then it should be a good day. 

Thanks for a moment of your time @maxmoments.

We can't wait to see what you capture next.