Calling all aspiring PR gurus, fashion designers and boss ladies. We have the inside scoop from the queen of fashion PR. 

Kendall Sargeant is many things… a LA fashion blogger, a total brainiac and a total babe. Not only this, but Kendall is a PR GURU. Kendall is so good she’s even landed herself every girl’s dream job; she is the PR Director at Australian Fashion Labels in LA. Pause in astonishment. Yes you heard right, Kendall is pretty much the PR bees knees when it comes to Australian fashion. 

As PR director for Australian Fashion Labels, Kendall works hard (from their LA office) to make sure every single American knows and loves five of Australia’s most cherished and trending fashion labels: C/MEO COLLECTIVE, Finders, Keepsake, The Fifth Label and TY-LR! Kendall is absolutely nailing it in la la land and we believe Kendall is a key driver behind Australian Fashion Labels phenomenal growth over the past 9 years. Good for you Kendall. 

1. How did you land yourself most girls dream job (working for a huge fashion house in la la land)? A lot of people ask me this question. The answer? Hard work. I slaved away part time in fashion while I studied Media at uni and worked my way up the ranks. The move to USA wasn’t as easy as it seemed, there were many interviews, skype calls, lots of networking until the right position opened up at the right time. Now here I am.

2. Is fashion PR all glitz and glam or is it 100% hard work? 99% hard work, 1% glitz. I’m on email 24/7, Even during that 45 minute manicure I’m always fighting off the nail technician just to hit send on that one last VIP email. While everyones sipping champagne at the party you’re out the back stuffing gift-bags or triple checking guestlists or bossing around the poor event photographer. Every 1% you take a breath and realize you’re in NYC for the weekend, so you’re like YO I love my job.

3. What advice would you give aspiring fashion PR go-getters? What type of experience and skills do they need? There are no short cuts, take every internship that comes your way, do the hard yards, learn the ropes from the Devils who wear Prada and just know one day you might be that Devil to someone else, so smile and be nice to people 


4. Do you have any advice for aspiring Australian designers? Find two things; a gap in the market & your own design strengths. There’s no point trying to mimic someone else’s vision, your heart won’t be in it and your product will always look second best. Your brand identity is everything.

5. What are your trend fashion predictions for fall 2016/what have you noticed is on-trend at the moment? Shearling jackets, Power suits, Bomber jackets, Slip dresses.. I hope these never die.

6. Does the US market eat up Aussie brands or has it been a difficult to crack the market? They eat up Aussie brands like Aussies eat In-N-Out. We kill it over here.. 

7.  Do you think Australian fashion is similar to LA/USA fashion or very different? Australian fashion certainly resonates with the LA trends – denim, tees, the slightly 70’s style & the casual cool vibes. There’s an undeniable ease of lifestyle in both destinations.

8. What do you think differentiates the Australian brands you represent in the USA from other brands trying to make it in the USA market? Australian brands tend to design with an awareness of the trend whilst staying true to their brand identity. Are you the eveningwear brand? Are you the model off duty brand? Are you the boho brand? We know our shit. We also deliver quality at a price point that’s attainable. No one else in the USA does that. It’s genius.


9.  Who is your favourite designer to work with and why? I couldn’t say, I’d feel like a mean step mom! As a blogger I love working with Maurie & Eve, Faithfull, Zulu & Zephyr are always very kind to me. As a Publicist – I love all my brands – TY-LR, C/meo Collective, Finders Keepers, Keepsake, The Fifth Label & JAGGAR Footwear.

10. You have your own blog - tell us about it? What was the inspiration behind it? I have a blog-ish. I say ish because I’m almost too time poor to keep it up to date! Signature, started when I landed in the U.S, people would always hit me up wanting to know more about what I’m wearing. It’s a nice little eclectic mix of my vintage vs. contemporary style and a platform I use to share my moments!

11. How long do you plan on living in the US? What does the future hold for Kendall Sargeant? Who knows, I’d be content if tomorrow was the last day of my U.S journey, I’ve accomplished so much already, I’m beyond blessed. My future hopefully holds some freelance representation of the brands I love, maybe a boutique PR agency, maybe some more time spent on Signature. Family, friends, wine. Always wine.

To find out more about Kendall have a look at her phenom blog: SIGNATURE.