Kath Purkis is the beauty and brains behind the box that's transforming how girls access fashion and beauty.  

This box is called Her Fashion Box and can be described as a fabulously innovative 3D fashion magazine. Delivered monthly, HFB is filled with a sample of the latest (and most on-trend) fashion, beauty and lifestyle products that are selected based on your personal style. Consider Kath and her amazing team your personal stylists/shoppers! 

This revolutionary concept is changing the landscape of how brands reach their target audiences and consumers shop/sample new products. HFB really is the perfect middle ground for brands and consumers to connect in an interactive, fun and exciting way. It's a win win. Love your work Kath! 

The glam squad also admires Kath's avid desire to empower young female entrepreneurs through her infectious spirit and determination to conquer the business world.

It is so important for young boss ladies to have solid role models (such as Kath) and support networks if they (you) are to truly succeed. So thank you for spreading the love and empowerment Kath - you've certainly helped and inspired us (and countless other go-getters)! 

We strongly encourage you to utilise all the great advice Kath has been so kind to share with us! It will help you achieve your goals - what ever they are! 

1.    Why do you think you are a girl boss? What does it take to be a young female entrepreneur? I was always a creative thinker since I was young & like to invent or make things, I truly think I was always going to be a girl boss but I didn’t originally know the path to being a girl boss. I started my own business at 21 years old & it’s now been a 9 year entrepreneurial journey. Being a girl boss takes some serious confidence & a 100% belief that you will be a success. When you back yourself & know you’re onto something exciting; everyone else will get excited & you will attract the right people. Being a girlboss is damn tough so you need to be one tough cookie to survive & thrive! 

2.    What helped you become a girl boss? My need and desire to create my own business was always built in to my make up, it’s something which is hard to explain. As corny as it sounds I just wanted to be as big as Richard Branson when I first started my business & I always looked to other leading entrepreneurs as a dove or inspiration and motivation to keep going. Having amazing mentors and friends will also help you on your journey – don’t be afraid to get a mentor and make new girlboss friends. 

3.    What is your advice for up-and-coming girl bosses? Get out there & be heard! I believe every entrepreneur should be living their brand and being their brand constantly, there’s really no other way! You need to hustle hard to get pre-launch PR to ensure when you do launch that you launch with success – don’t wait for people to find you. You should surround yourself with a few amazing mentors & if you’re lucky enough a few inspiring girl boss friends. I’ve been so lucky to have incredible girl boss friends to bounce ideas around with, exchange leads, laugh, cry & celebrate with (Hi Lauren)!

4.    How do you keep yourself motivated and driven to achieve your goals? I love a good mood board & a life wish-list to keep me motivated. I find if I have my little mini win goals I am slowing chipping away at my ultimate big goal. We are visual creatures & nothing beats putting your goals up on a wall, on your fridge or on your instagram feed. I also read as much as I can & I read entrepreneur biographies. Currently reading about Elon Musk & it’s so inspiring – he makes me want to think bigger & do bigger! 

5.    Do you think it’s hard to be a young female entrepreneur in Australia? Why?  Hell yes. The basic answer is there’s so few of us with businesses & I can count all my girl boss friends on my hands. All quality Australian business leaders with different businesses & personalities. I do try to ‘boy’ myself up when I have a more ‘business’ skewed meeting so I appear less ‘girly’ when pitching. I wish it was equal but it’s not, I hope with my success I can pave the way for future Australian female entrepreneurs, My personal goal is to start my own fund to invest in great Aussie start-ups who are women lead or have a woman on the executive team – I hope to be the change we all want to see. I’m often the only girl guest speaking on a panel & I would LOVE to see this be 50/50 one day. 

6.    Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur or did a good idea drive your desire to start your own business? Yes! I always wanted to create something big & change the world!

7.    How do you overcome failure/rejection and challenges? I keep going & keep my goals top and front of my mind. Failure is awesome if you look at it the right way & see it as a learning experience of some form. You can’t get caught up in doing things the wrong way, you just have to learn & improve what you’re doing. If we never fail we will never truly innovate & build the best businesses. Even when something tough happens I just think ‘is this going to be something big in 5 years which will impact my life’ & if the answer is no then I suck it up & keep moving. When ultra tricky things happen I just navigate through them & that’s what a good entrepreneur does. 

8.    What kind of skills do you think you need in order to be a successful entrepreneur? In order to be successful, you need to be positive, energetic, organised, inquisitive, confident, slightly crazy, hard-working, think outside the box type of person & highly passionate!

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