Calling all aspiring PR queens, fashion designers and boss ladies. We have the inside scoop from the bees knees of fashion PR. 

Kendall Sargeant is an LA fashion blogger, total brainiac, babe and a PR GURU.

Kendall is such a guru that she’s landed herself every girl’s dream job; she is the PR Director at Australian Fashion Labels in LA. Pause in astonishment. 

As PR director for Australian Fashion Labels, Kendall works hard to make sure every single American knows and loves five of Australia’s most cherished and trending fashion labels: C/MEO COLLECTIVE, Finders, Keepsake, The Fifth Label and TY-LR! Kendall is absolutely nailing it in la la land and we believe Kendall is a key driver behind Australian Fashion Label's phenomenal growth over the past 9 years. Good for you Kendall. 

So how did she get here? What’s her advice? Click here to find out