When you think about getting your nails done, do you imagine zenning out and feeling like a total goddess? Do you imagine putting away your phone, sinking into a chair and letting the very best nail technician’s take of you? 

Well… Your imagination can be a reality if you simply say goodbye to the ‘quickie’ (the nail bar with florescent lighting, vibrating thrones and not so friendly staff) and hello to The Nail Lab! 

The co-owners of TNL, Scott and Monika are all round geniuses! Together the pair has created the ultimate manicure experience. Dedicated to offering premium service, TNL always have the trendiest colours to choose from, info about on point nail trends, offer their own range of fab products, are OTT hygienic (thank god) and offer out of this world customer service. Everyone on the team is so professional, talented and friendly (I want to hug all of you). 

TNL truly goes above and beyond to help you enjoy pampering that much more and I can honestly say they do no wrong! We can’t stop raving about this not so hidden gem! So next time you're on Victoria road in Darlinghurst, grad a coffee and stroll into the luxe and sophisticated Nail Lab! You'll recognise it by it's chic design and signature marble table tops (we love marble atm, as does the rest of the world apparently). Go on. Spoil yourself. 

FYI TNL are even so fabulous that they have shared some of their nail secrets:

  1. Don’t cut your cuticles. They are there to protect the nail and if you do, they will grow back faster and harder.
  2. Exfoliate your nail beds! TNL even have their very own exfoliate that’s excellent!
  3. Express yourself with nail art – experiment with shapes, colours and negative spaces – matte tips and topcoats and marble is huge right now. 


Here are some pictures of the glam squad experimenting with the latest nail art trends: