The new way to access fashion

Kath Purkis is the beauty and brains behind the box that's transforming how girls access fashion and beauty.  

Her Fashion Box and can be described as a fabulously innovative 3D fashion magazine. Delivered monthly, HFB is filled with a sample of the latest (and most on-trend) fashion, beauty and lifestyle products that are selected based on your personal style. Consider Kath and her amazing team your personal stylists/shoppers! 

This revolutionary concept is changing the landscape of how brands reach their target audiences and consumers shop/sample new products. HFB really is the perfect middle ground for brands and consumers to connect in an interactive, fun and exciting way. It's a win win. Love your work Kath! 

The glam squad also admires Kath's avid desire to empower young female entrepreneurs through her infectious spirit and determination to conquer the business world.

It is so important for young boss ladies to have solid role models (such as Kath) and support networks if they (you) are to truly succeed. So thank you for spreading the love and empowerment Kath - you've certainly helped and inspired us (and countless other go-getters)! 

We strongly encourage you to utilise all the great advice Kath has been so kind to share with us! It will help you achieve your goals - what ever they are! To read Kath's interview follow this link: Kath Purkis.