Dreams can lead to aha moments

We think sleeping beauty might have been a secret female entrepreneur.

Screen shot 2016-02-24 at 1.36.46 PM.png

I have good news for you sleeping beauties… Apparently you can solve your problems while sleeping… Did someone say afternoon siesta? 

According to psychologists that specialize in the study of dreams and day-dreaming, falling out of consciousness can actually help you solve all your pressing problems. (Maybe the glam squad will finally figure out the key to eating donuts all day and not getting fat.)

But how does sleeping make you not only beautiful but also a problem solver?

Dreaming damps down the part of the brain that is associated with logical thinking (the Prefrontal Cortex). This leaves more room for creative thinking and increases our chances of 1 thinking outside the box or 2 visualising the problem and the solution! Hallelujah.

So next time you drift off to sleep, try ‘dream incubating’ – go over your problem just before bed and tell yourself you want to find the solution!

Sweet dreams Glamazons.

Fun fact for nerds: the sewing machine was invented in a dream. To find out more scientific things that were invented in dreams and changed the world: