Mastering eyeliner

When it comes to mastering the perfect cat-eye (or simply eyeliner) the struggle is real. So here are a few tips on how to apply eyeliner the right way and avoid looking like a panda...

1. Pick the right eyeliner for the effect you want - for a smooth line use liquid eyeliner, for a smudged smoky look use a pencil.

2. Pick the correct colour eyeliner - black for bold, brown for smoky, white for bigger, grey for brighter, blue for trendy, and cream for 'I'm not hung at all'.

3. Avoid the shaky hand - stabilise your arm any way you can (resting your elbow, holding your arm) and use a magnifying mirror.

4. When using liquid eyeliner - dab on dots first then connect them up. Aim as close to the edge of your eye/lashes as possible. Keep the eye shut until the liner dries (a few seconds).

5. Don't pull the skin to the side of your face it will actually look weirder if you apply like this.

6. To clean up a smudge or make the line slicker - use a wet cotton tip, not your finger!

7. Go slow - there is no rushing the perfect eye makeup!

Hope this helps lovely ladies.

XOXO Glam Girl.