To be a boss

Do you believe you have all the qualities, ideas, skills and experience needed to achieve your goals, yet somehow, fail to get what you want? Not to fear, Glamazon is here. 

When it comes to getting what you want confidence is key. Without confidence it is difficult for others to believe in what you're 'selling' - whether your selling yourself, an idea, a product or a vision. If you don't believe in what you're selling, it's often difficult for others to understand, relate to and feel passionate about it. For example, if you sit in a job interview and um and arh about your skills you probably won't get the job. Hence, it is so important that you have the confidence to communicate what you're selling passionately to prospective 'buyers'.

So what stops us from being confident and getting what we want? 

To achieve your goals you usually have to take some kind of risk, and for some, risk can be scary. Some may feel that risk leads to failure, losing something (time or money) or being rejected. This fear of risk can hinder people's faith in what they are selling and willingness to take a chance. However, the glam squad can't stress enough how important it is not to let fear stop you from getting what you want.

Instead of fearing risk, be a go-getter (as cliche as this sounds). Know what you want, own it and go for it. Have the confidence to take the path less travelled, forget what other people think and throw yourself in the deep end. Until then, you will never learn that risk doesn't equal failure and failure doesn't equal defeat.

Risk equals opportunity, exciting unknowns and lessons learnt. Risk equals growth and if you are open to chance and new opportunities good things will happen. So be confident and believe in whatever you're selling!

Ultimately, being confident in what you're selling may be risky, but it is the only way to reach for the stars and achieve your goals. 

Go get them Glamazons! x