New Year cleanse... Think again.

It’s so tempting to enter the New Year and tell yourself that you will “detox” and rid yourself of the silly season’s naughtiness.

However, it’s so important that before you begin the next juice/lemon cleanse you really consider whether it’s worth it (your time and hunger).

Before you start 3 days of only drinking juice or only eating certain foods consider this… If your body is damaged and in need of repair, would starving it of the nutrients it needs to repair really solve the problem? Probably not. In fact, starving yourself of a balanced diet/vital nutrients/vitamins prohibits your body’s repair and will probably leave you tired, irritable and craving the bad stuff. You might even binge post detox.   


Instead of an extreme cleanse or detox the glam squad recommends that you slowly adjust your lifestyle habits towards a healthier diet and exercise regime... take it day by day… Increase your vegetable intake, drink more water and slowly start to exercise again!  Every little change counts! Also don’t be too hard on yourself post silly season feasting and drinking – you’re not alone. We allllll did it.