The truth about Rosé

The Glamazon team loves a cheeky DRY rosé on friday afternoon. However, on our quest to find a good wine, we sometimes end up drinking with the sweetest rosé of them all (not nice). This is because in the past we have associated colour with taste and sweetness.

Recently, we found that this was not the best way to judge a rosé ... Instead to determine whether a rosé will be overly sweet or perfectly dry consider the following:

1. The higher the alcohol content - the drier the wine. 

2. Colour is an illusion - it simply reflects how long the grape skins have been left in contact with the 'juice' (wine). It won't tell you the quality of the wine. 

3. Old world rosé (European, especially French) is usually drier than new world rosé.   

No way Rosé!