So fresh and so clean

Tired? Run down? Had a big night?


Whenever I’m one of the three my eyes swell and I look like a puffer fish (not the cute kind). To cure/prevent the puff or dark circles I do the following…

To de-puff, I try to wake up earlier than normal to stimulate circulation, moving around usually reduces swelling. If this fails I try a hot shower (steam those bad boys away), place cold cucumbers on the eyes (the coolness and pressure sometimes works – not sure if this is a placebo), eye drops or limiting salt (causes swelling). Also, this may sound weird but find yourself a sunny spot or really bright room – the light helps your eyes wake up!

I also rely on the trusty concealer; however, don’t pack it on or apply too close to the eye! This is a big no no. Instead, after or before you apply foundation dab a yellowish concealer (use a yellowish concealer as really light concealers accentuate greyness under the eye) along dark circle lines. Don’t go close your eye because the skin closest to your eye tends to be drier (so the concealer looks more obvious). I also put illuminator or a really light eye shadow in the crevasse of my eye to make them look rounder and open. White eyeliner along the bottom eyelid also opens up the eye.

Our last secret tip was passed down from tomboy editor, Chloe Brinklow – when you want that no make up fresh glow look – simply dab some Vaseline on your cheekbones, eyelids and lips – the light will reflect to make you look angelic!