On wednesday the glam squad moved in colour with mega babe Tash Oakley at the #moveincolour fitbit launch.

In case you don't already know, fitbit is a band (sort of like a watch) you wear around your wrist that tells you the time, how many steps you have walked (10,000 a day means you live longer), your heart rate, how far you have walked, how many calories you have burned, how many stairs you have climbed, how well you slept etc. etc. It's so addictive once you start using it! You constantly want to know if you are reaching targets etc. 

The event was to launch the new range of fitbits. The new range comes in a variety of colours to mix and match with your #activewear. We were treated to coffee (thank god it started so early), followed by a workout with Tash and a healthy breakfast. As you can imagine (given Tash Oakley's amazing bod) the workout was super hard! Unfortunately the glam squad was too excited by the experience to actually remember the work out to share with you, sorry guys! 

Thanks for kicking our butts Tash/fitbit.