Healthy living with Kate Johnston

Recently Glamazon sat down with superstar Naturopath, founder of Kore Well-Being and all-round beauty, Kate Johnston! Kate was kind enough to share with us what she has learned on her nutrition journey (yippee for us)!

After working in advertising and being faced with some personal health issues, Kate decided to enrol in natural therapies. She has since felt inspired to continue her health journey and share all her amazing knowledge with willing listeners.

Ultimately, Kate would love to be everyone's positive health cheerleader (what a legend!) and believes that good health and nutrition is key to a happier life as it helps you feel nourished, happier and more energetic!  

1.     Kate’s diet tips:

Kate firmly believes that lovely ladies such as yourselves should simply “eat real food” and cook with “good quality wholefood ingredients”! (None of that silly packaged stuff)!

Kate also believes that trendy diets are not necessary and that no one should be afraid of fats! Good fats such as “coconut oil, olive oil, organic butter, ghee, avocado help you to feel fuller for longer and aids the absorption of many of your vitamins and minerals.” (You don’t have to say goodbye to smashed avo on toast!)

Lastly, for those who want glowing skin, Kate recommends eating zinc rich foods! “The richest food source of zinc is oysters, or if oysters aren’t quite your thing, you can include foods such as grass fed meat, tahini, pepitas (pumkin seeds), cashews or pecans”. Simply sprinkle some pumpkin seeds on your salad and shine, shine shine! 

2.     Kate’s fitness tips:

When we asked Kate what’s better, cardio or weight training, Kate said this: "one is not better than the other, but if I had to choose, I would choose weights as muscle mass is beneficial for metabolism and body composition, but also weight training is generally going to have a less negative impact on your levels of cortisol (stress hormone).”

Kate also recommends changing your work out based on what feels right at the time and to never underestimate the power of walking!

3.     Kate’s wellness tips:

“Take some time in nature”. Kate, like the Glam squad, feel that connecting with nature, going for a walk, a hike, a stroll or a swim is the best way to de-stress, get some perspective and take it allllll in!

Kate also notes that everyone de-stresses in different ways, “maybe it is yoga or meditation, maybe it is journaling, or maybe it is calling your bestie and debriefing for an hour.” So find what's right for you and make sure you do it often (at least once a day). 

Kate’s last tip was our favourite – “every negative is a positive, and every positive is a negative.” Basically, it’s important for us girlies to always remember that we control our mindset and life. We need to be conscious to always see a silver lining and not get to bogged down when things don't go our way/how we planned. 

Thanks Kate for your amazing tips! We love you. Xx

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