How to keep your nails strong

Do you ever try to grow your nails only to have them chip or break at a certain length? Not to fear, the glam squad is here. After consulting various nail professionals we have figured out the key to strong nails.

Strong/weak nails can be reflective of your diet, or a deficiency in silica (an essential ingredient to strong nails). Silica can be found in: oatmeal, brown rice, bananas, mangos, green beans and spinach! You can also purchase Silca from your local pharmacy/supermarket. 

Nail hardener also goes a long way, we recommend Sally Hansen Nail Hardener ($9.95). Also, space out/give your nails a break from Gel manis, Shellac, Acrylics and polish all together - your nails need to see some sun and air at some point! 

Stay strong.