Pure Genius.

Ever in a rush, looking for a quick snack and your only options are a cadbury chocolate bar, a bag of smiths chips or a coke? Well Brisbane company, All Real Food, are tired of this, which is why they have decided to take matters into their own hands and offer healthy snacks to people on the go.... Welcome to the world healthy vending machines! Yes that is correct, healthy vending machines! (Think cupcake vending machines but healthy). 

Not only will the machines offer consumers healthier, last minute snacks, but businesses will no longer have to fork out expensive rent in order to deliver their customers healthy, delicious meals/snacks. How very innovative. 

Stocked daily with fresh salads - a protein salad, vegetarian salad and a vegan salad, these vending machines are set to change the world of snacking and we are so so pleased!  We can't wait to see these bad boys in Sydney.