Swimming with Sharks.

It is no secret that at Glamazon we look up to other women who take the term #GIRLBOSS to the next level. We love sharing stories of these women who are paving their way in any given industry in the hopes to inspire other girls to have the confidence to take risks in order to pursue their passions and ideas.

When it comes to inspiration, it is hard to go past the ever-inspiring Kath Purkis, the founder and CEO of Her Fashion Box. For those of you who don’t know, Her Fashion Box launched three years ago as the world’s first fashion & beauty subscription box and has since shipped over 20,000 boxes across fashion, beauty and fitness. Headed by their amazing founder, Kath, who has had over 9 years experience in the fashion industry, it is no wonder the business has become so successful.

Most recently, Kath appeared on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank and successfully secured $200,000 from two sharks! (Read all about it here)

Talk about killing it!

 And if that’s not enough, Kath has just launched Her Fashion Box's brand-new website to coincide with the launch of the new incredible Autumn/Winter16 collection.

 Our founder Lauren Silvers was lucky enough to attend the launch event and speak to a room full of impressive fashionistas and entrepreneurs, all of whom got to take home an item of clothing from the new collection. Make sure to keep following @glamazon_app on Instagram for a preview of the stunning pieces.

To follow all of Kath's achievements and to keep updated with all Her Fashion Box news, make sure to follow them on Instagram: @HerFashionBox and @KathPurkis



Instagram: So fresh and so clean, clean

As you are probably aware, Instagram launched a new logo and redesigned its app to reflect how it has changed since it was originally created in 2010.

The new purple, orange and pink icon replaces the former logo of a retro cream and brown camera.

Instagram has also got rid of its familiar blue background. Apparently, the change to a new black-and-white design for backgrounds, icons and menus, is intended to make photos stand out more.

So, in celebration of the evolution of our favourite visual platform, our @glamazon_app Instagram page has changed too! We have decided to share a whole row of synergistic content at 3pm everyday to inspire and delight you guys. You'll also start to notice that our middle column is dedicated just to video content, giving you all a boost of inspiration when your 'threeoclockitis' kicks in at work. You're welcome.

Make sure you're following @glamazon_app to keep up with our fresh new approach to sharing our Glamspiration on Instagram.

The Glamazon Team X

A helping hand: R&Co.

Sometimes the thought of having to wash your hair, dry your hair, blow-dry your hair, style your hair, spray your hair etc. is all too much. Let's be honest, this can take a good hour (in which you could be eating something delicious or shopping). 

So how do we make this not 'too much'? 

Enters: R&Co: 

R&Co. dry shampoo 'isn't your granny's dry shampoo', it wont leave your hair stiff or looking slightly grey. It simply absorbs excess oils and leaves your hair looking phresh, 'it's good for: big, messy Bardot (or Bon Jovi) hair' .

Screen shot 2016-03-04 at 10.52.53 AM.png

R&Co. have the best and most trending hair products ATM (it's taking over all salon shelves). R&Co. products are created by a collection of leading stylists in the bizz (not money hungry corporates), so trust us when we say this is the creme de la creme of dry shampoo. 

FYI - the more you wash your hair the greasier it will get, so it really is best to try and space out shampooing as much as possible. Every 3 days is optimal. 

Get drying not crying. x


Calling all aspiring PR queens, fashion designers and boss ladies. We have the inside scoop from the bees knees of fashion PR. 

Kendall Sargeant is an LA fashion blogger, total brainiac, babe and a PR GURU.

Kendall is such a guru that she’s landed herself every girl’s dream job; she is the PR Director at Australian Fashion Labels in LA. Pause in astonishment. 

As PR director for Australian Fashion Labels, Kendall works hard to make sure every single American knows and loves five of Australia’s most cherished and trending fashion labels: C/MEO COLLECTIVE, Finders, Keepsake, The Fifth Label and TY-LR! Kendall is absolutely nailing it in la la land and we believe Kendall is a key driver behind Australian Fashion Label's phenomenal growth over the past 9 years. Good for you Kendall. 

So how did she get here? What’s her advice? Click here to find out

The new way to access fashion

Kath Purkis is the beauty and brains behind the box that's transforming how girls access fashion and beauty.  

Her Fashion Box and can be described as a fabulously innovative 3D fashion magazine. Delivered monthly, HFB is filled with a sample of the latest (and most on-trend) fashion, beauty and lifestyle products that are selected based on your personal style. Consider Kath and her amazing team your personal stylists/shoppers! 

This revolutionary concept is changing the landscape of how brands reach their target audiences and consumers shop/sample new products. HFB really is the perfect middle ground for brands and consumers to connect in an interactive, fun and exciting way. It's a win win. Love your work Kath! 

The glam squad also admires Kath's avid desire to empower young female entrepreneurs through her infectious spirit and determination to conquer the business world.

It is so important for young boss ladies to have solid role models (such as Kath) and support networks if they (you) are to truly succeed. So thank you for spreading the love and empowerment Kath - you've certainly helped and inspired us (and countless other go-getters)! 

We strongly encourage you to utilise all the great advice Kath has been so kind to share with us! It will help you achieve your goals - what ever they are! To read Kath's interview follow this link: Kath Purkis. 

Hey you.

Hey you. Yes you. You're scrumptious! 

Sometimes it's nice to tell yourself why you're fabulous!

As hard it may be, sitting down and reminding yourself of why you're a delight and going to do great  goes a long way.... According to psychologists, what we believe about ourselves at a subconscious level can have a huge impact how we live our lives and manifest our desires! According to the 'laws of attraction', if you have a positive attitude about yourself and what you do, others will too! Yipee! 

Don't sell yourself short Glamazons... reach for the stars! 


Open our new BOSS section to read our full interview with the photographic genius, Max Papendieck (@maxmoments). 

Max is a former model turned photographer. He shoots high-end fashion campaigns and supermodels such as Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima and Jesinta Campbell. He is a photographic genius with a structural and defined eye. He captures the beauty that surrounds him. His photos are magnetic. 

Max has been kind enough to answer some pretty juicy questions we asked him last week (you’re welcome) so get reading. 

Click on the link below to view the article: 



Who: the ultimate combo.  

Boss lady #1 – Mary (co-owner) is an inspiration to us all and certainly makes us feel guilty for feeling like we don’t have enough time to achieve our goals. As a mum since she was 23, Mary has been working in the industry for 12 years. Mary specialises in business and operations management and is an all round business boss! 


Boss lady #2 – Belle (co-owner) has been hairdressing for 10 years; she specialises in styling and is the queen of balayage (which is why they are a Loreal Blonde Specialist Salon). She loves both and rocks both. Belle knows exactly what she’s what’s up and is always on top of the latest hair trends before they hit the Aussie market. 

Together this dynamic duo makes the ultimate salon combo – with their skills and passions combined (their powers combined) they are the perfect blend of creativity and business sass!

What: Hair Cartel. 

Hair Cartel is naughty but oh so nice. Hair Cartel is anything but stale, from the salon design, to their top of the line R+Co hair products, amazingly friendly staff and just straight up cool vibe this salon knows what’s on trend delivers nothing less. 

Hair Cartel prides themselves on actually listening to what the customer wants and not letting dreaded ‘hairdresser ego’ take over (there is definitely no pretending to like your do then crying when you get home). At Hair Cartel you leave the salon feeling like a total boss lady dying to show everyone your hair! But don’t take Glamazon’s word for it, the proof is in their pudding… in just 1 year they went from employing 3 stylists to 8 and acquire 100 new customers every month! Woah ladies, slow down ;). 

Where: A sexy Bondi hideaway. 

Located in a trendy little ally in Bondi (home to some of the coolest brands e.g Tuchuzy). Hair Cartel and its location epitomise the cool, calm and collected Bondi culture. 

When: now. 

Join the Cartel and book in a hair appointment ASAP! 


When you think about getting your nails done, do you imagine zenning out and feeling like a total goddess? Do you imagine putting away your phone, sinking into a chair and letting the very best nail technician’s take of you? 

Well… Your imagination can be a reality if you simply say goodbye to the ‘quickie’ (the nail bar with florescent lighting, vibrating thrones and not so friendly staff) and hello to The Nail Lab! 

The co-owners of TNL, Scott and Monika are all round geniuses! Together the pair has created the ultimate manicure experience. Dedicated to offering premium service, TNL always have the trendiest colours to choose from, info about on point nail trends, offer their own range of fab products, are OTT hygienic (thank god) and offer out of this world customer service. Everyone on the team is so professional, talented and friendly (I want to hug all of you). 

TNL truly goes above and beyond to help you enjoy pampering that much more and I can honestly say they do no wrong! We can’t stop raving about this not so hidden gem! So next time you're on Victoria road in Darlinghurst, grad a coffee and stroll into the luxe and sophisticated Nail Lab! You'll recognise it by it's chic design and signature marble table tops (we love marble atm, as does the rest of the world apparently). Go on. Spoil yourself. 

FYI TNL are even so fabulous that they have shared some of their nail secrets:

  1. Don’t cut your cuticles. They are there to protect the nail and if you do, they will grow back faster and harder.
  2. Exfoliate your nail beds! TNL even have their very own exfoliate that’s excellent!
  3. Express yourself with nail art – experiment with shapes, colours and negative spaces – matte tips and topcoats and marble is huge right now. 


Here are some pictures of the glam squad experimenting with the latest nail art trends: 


Our marketing manager was feeling particularly playful yesterday and decided to pop in our favourite Paddington salon, Wilson Marz to get a pin curl blowdry. 

While Fran was getting her hair done, Sally Schmidt, the very talented co-owner of Wilson Marz, told Fran that she rocked this look on her wedding day! Babin' I bet. 

Hearing this made the glam squad realise that this really is the perfect look for a bride to be. The curl is soft, voluminous and subtle sexy (the perfect wedding day do). Sally also let us know that if this blowdry is performed correctly, the curl and volume should last all day/night. Just what a bride needs! Stay tuned for a video showing how superstar Sally did the amazing pin curl blowdry. 

Here are some shots of the blowdry! We think it looks amazing!